How to set up a food and beverage processing plant, grocery or mass catering in Greece

Once you have decided to set up a food or drink processing plant, a super market or a restaurant in Greece you are required to have an idea on the establishing procedure, the relative institutional framework, the operating licence as well as other details.
An enterprise could be a personal company (self employed, limited partnership, ordinary partnership) or a company of limited responsibility (limited, S.A. etc). However there are no great differences from the rest of the world. There is a little bureaucracy on setting up a company, but with the aid of a lawyer, you will not encounter any serious problems.
A food and/or beverage company, commercial or productive, should be provided with a working license. Without this licence every transaction is illegal. There is a specific institutional framework on the food and beverage companies that is imposed by the Hellenic and European laws and regulations. For example GHPs, HACCP and traceability implementation are obligatory.
Attention is also required concerning the land use, since all the activities are not allowed in all areas. There are many organized industrial areas and other ones, less organized but more economic. Many smaller concerns such as restaurants, groceries, super markets, bakeries or small food processing plants could be allowed in residential areas.

Steps to set up a company:

  • Decide on what kind of company is the best to establish
  • Compose a marketing plan and a feasibility study
  • Set up the company and register with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Find the area and the building in which the company will operate
  • Obtain a working licence
  • Install a valid quality control system
  • Start producing or to selling.

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