Why invest in the Hellenic food market.

Nature is the essential factor to have excellent raw material in food production. Greece has not been contaminated by industry and, as a result, the pollution level is still very low. In addition, the Greek and European law protects the environment against pollution. The traditional agriculture and ideal Mediterranean climate, ensure the product is of the highest possible quality. There is a call for these products all over the world because of their:

  • Taste - smell - colour etc (due to the traditional agriculture and particular land morphology)
  • Sustenance (nutrion value)
  • Accordance with the law
  • Packing (Greek food industry is equipped with the latest packing technology)
  • Retainability (because of the good manufacturing practices)
  • Safety (HACCP is obligatory by the Greek and European low)
  • Price (excellent quality / price relation)
  • Availability (they can be found in the super markets all over the world)

For the reasons mentioned above, the Hellenic food market is about the most powerful economic sector in Greece.

The law concerning food production and consumption, is enforced by the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET), so quality and safety are furthermore improved and controlled.

That is why, the food processing industry prides itself on its extensive experience. Not only is there excellent food production for local consumption and export in Greece, but there are also many industries of Greek interest, operating in other countries, using this know how.

On the other hand, mass catering and cooked products comprise a great business. People eat in restaurants very often, and many more times consume convenience food at home.

The annual turnover in various categories of food enterprises is given here (as per the National Statistic Service in 2003):

Category   Annual Turnover Number of Enterprises
  (Millions of euro)  
Food and Drink Industry 5,978.90 13,870
Restaurants and mass catering 5,411.58  79,648

The turnover does not seem to be very high. However, the fact that only 10,000,000 people live in the Greek State must be taken into consideration. Moreover, there is free space for further improvement and investment in this market.


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