Food and beverage processing, mass catering: plant installation and operation.


project and installation of a food processing plantThe correct construction of a food or drink processing plant, a restaurant or a cafe, starts from the project. The project must include elements of the legislation, in other words it must be in accordance with the institutional framework. This point is very important because after construction the unit will be inspected by the authorities, so that the operation licence can be issued. So, if the design does not comply with the law (Greek and European), the company will not be licensed, after the construction and the investment of the required capital!
The design should also be detailed, to allow craftsmen to work according to the plan and deliver quality manufacturing, in the time alloted, and at low cost. Another important thing is the ability to work in the correct manner, with the right programming and spending as little time as possible. In this way we save time (the plant starts to operate earlier) as well as money.


The construction begins immediately after the planning ends. Plasterers, painters, electricians, plumbers and other craftsmen must be reliable, consistent skilled and experienced. A mistake could lead to setbacks, lost time, increased capital investment, delays and problems throughout the business.


The equipment is the "engine" of the facility, the more powerful and reliable, the better the results. So the capital spent to buy it, should be properly invested. On the contrary, if the equipment fails to work properly, it does not help in producing quality product, it spoils the image of the company, creates additional operation and maintenance costs, and ultimately reduces production. Finally it also disappoints personnel and the entrepreneur himself.


The inspection of the Public Services comes. The company gets the licence and the well-made "machine" starts to operate. This is the best moment for the entrepreneur who at last sets business project in motion.

Case studies:
a. Restaurant


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