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food process engineeringThe past few years, there has been an intense competition and more stringent and fluid legal requirements, in the Food Industry and Retail. Skiadas Engineering has offered valid aid to the Hellenic Food Industry, Mass Catering and Retail since 1996. With a broad array of expertises has the ability to provide specialized services to the clients. Our engineers and experts are specialists in Project Management, Production, Design and Engineering within the international and Greek food processing industry. Our team of experts has been responsible for the construction of a great number of food processing and retail facilities in Greece. We provide a wide variety of consulting services and project management to food and agricultural industries, retail shops and catering. Our purpose is to increase profitability for our clients, from the design and implementation of new projects to improvements in established food processing, retail companies and catering. We achieve this thanks to our extensive experience in the food industry and the food market, our independence from equipment suppliers, our principals of cost reduction, yield improvements, ergonomic factory design, and investing in people.


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